All Rumored and Leaked Genshin Impact Characters
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All Rumored and Leaked Genshin Impact Characters

All Rumored and Leaked Genshin Impact Characters

All Rumored and Leaked Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Effect’s rumor mill might not be as powerful as it had been when the game launched, but leaked information about unannounced characters makes lovers excited immediately. As a result of current escapes, the record of unconfirmed Genshin personalities grows ever more, constituting characters recognized by miHoYo in some manner.

Normally, Genshin Effect escapes harvest up when users violate their authorized agreements with miHoYo through closed beta tests along with the data; 1 way or the other, it is printed through insiders like NEP NEP on Twitter. Most frequently, these rumors prove to be authentic, even though there’s the occasional Genshin Effect escape that proves to be untrue. Nonetheless, there are various unsolved characters, including some previous rumors that lovers continue to be enthusiastic about and a few new ones to acquire players hyped again.

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Old Genshin Effect Leaks

Months before, a Redditor asserted to possess datamined some personality versions for Genshin Effect, which disclosed several unannounced personalities, shown in the picture above. Now that Hu Tao and Rosaria have been created official in-game and Yaoyao was seen in artwork and said in personality voice documents, it provides this escape some credence.

Tohama is possibly a fascinating character to come from the batch of Genshin Effect escapes because there was opposing information on his layout. Another Redditor asserted to possess datamined a personality version of Tohama, shown below, which is distinct from the one seen previously. Following the next character version of Tohama surfaced, the first poster explained the white-haired boy title to be Kazuha, who wields a sword and contains an Anemo Vision on his rear. Tohama is supposedly a Pyro polearm user.

From left to right, Hu Tao and Yaoyao are Mimi, a Hydro catalyst user from Inazuma, and Yunjin, a Geo polearm character. Mimi was previously rumored to come alongside Ayaka in a Version 1.4 banner. However, it’s unclear if that’s still the case. In the bottom right, to Tohama’s left, is allegedly Sayu, a polearm Cryo wielder and to Rosaria’s right is Shenli. Still, no other information about these two has been released or leaked.

It could be that these Genshin Impact characters are still in the works with things like animations or voice acting still needed, or perhaps some characters have been scrapped in the process. After all, after Taohama and Mimi surfaced online, the community was somewhat underwhelmed by their designs.

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New Genshin Impact Leaks

Rumors and alleged screenshots of Yanfei and Eula came simultaneously across the Twitter accounts of several insiders. With the news having dropped just recently, likely, the duo is currently being beta tested, much like the Pyro five-star Hu Tao before her release. If these leaks are true, this could mean both Yanfei and Eula will see a release date not too far off. Even better, because Yanfei is a four-star and Eula is a five-star, they could be released on the same banner according to the leaks. Rumors suggest that they’ll arrive as soon as Version 1.5, which is in approximately six weeks.

Eula will supposedly be the first five-star Cryo character who wields a claymore to make their way onto the Genshin Impact roster. She’s one of the Captains of the Knights of Favonius and is a descendant of ancient nobles. Yanfei, on the other hand, will similarly be the first four-star to wield both a Pyro Vision and a catalyst if the leak turns out to be correct. Interestingly, the unofficial description is similar to that of the adept Ganyu’s in that Yanfei shares her blood with an “illuminated beast.”

But, as with most gaming rumors, these should be taken with a grain of salt. They could be no more than impressive fanart that somehow made their way into the eyes of insiders who are taking the information seriously.

All Rumored and Leaked Genshin Impact Characters
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