Destiny 2 Patched Popular Raid Cheese, and Players Bypassed It Again

Destiny 2 Patched Popular Raid Cheese, and Players Bypassed It Again

Destiny 2 Patched Popular Raid Cheese, and Players Bypassed It Again

Destiny 2 Patched Popular Raid Cheese, and Players Bypassed It Again

For most Destiny two gamers, Raid actions offer you a number of the toughest and satisfying content in the sport while also incorporating exclusive and, at times strong loot. Together with the Beyond Light growth, Bungie added a new kiosk at the Tower for lovers to pick up weapons attached to now vaulted content, such as Raid exotics such as the Anarchy Grenade Launcher. But they took a unique resource named Spoils of Conquest, made from engaging in raids. For many players who might not have the capacity to Raid, this can be a large barrier to overcome, possibly locking them from making these weapons completely.

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But with the latest raid called Deep Stone Crypt, gamers have discovered a way to bypass specific aspects, giving solo gamers a chance to get unlock and in a few chests and make Spoils of Conquest. The procedure involved a glitch that prevented a harmful debuff named Frostbite from influencing the participant to generate the first section harder to conquer. While it provided a surefire way to score some simple treasure runs at the first portion of the Raid, Bungie has shut the loophole due to the latest upgrade.

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Obviously, this has not ceased dedicated players from trying to discover additional loopholes. In reality, players discovered a brand new way around the Frostbite debuff in only a couple of hours after the upgrade went live. Popular YouTuber Cheese Permanently comprehensive the newest glitch, which entails getting out the map and with a sparrow to cancel out the Frostbite debuff. Normally, the glitch involved employing the doorways before going out in addition to summoning a sparrow at a suitable moment.

Considering that the Destiny two upgrade fixed the doorway glitch, players have discovered a pit in the cave ceiling before hitting the metal doors that permit them to depart the map. After reaching the surface, head towards a little bit of sunshine, get onto a sparrow near where the barrier is located within the map and then wait to determine whether the Frostbite debuff appears. When it does, jump off the sparrow and then step away from the obstruction, then return on the sparrow that ought to stop Frostbite then away from appearing.

While the next bit may be difficult for Hunters, players will want to now follow the path down around the map towards a second bubble on the right. Head up and around to get on top of the rocks above the bubble, though the next part requires players to scale the nearby cliff to get to the chest and complete the encounter. Supers like Top Tree Dawnblade and Thundercrash work best here as they propel the player forward. Sword flying may also be of use here as well.

Since its launch back in 2017, Destiny 2 has certainly seen its fair share of glitches and exploits. Some have clearly benefited the player base, such as the exotic fusion rifle Telesto breaking multiple parts of game parts trust, others have been deemed damaging to the experience by Bungie, such as the recent troubles with Trials of Osiris. Some glitches have even resulted in fan-favorite experiences, including 12 man Raids and Strikes. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of these cheese methods and glitches are soon patched out completely. Still, it won’t stop players from always pushing the boundaries.

Destiny 2 Patched Popular Raid Cheese, and Players Bypassed It Again
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