Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Deserve Video Game Adaptations

Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Deserve Video Game Adaptations

Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Deserve Video Game Adaptations

Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Deserve Video Game Adaptations

There may be no business that did it much better than Telltale Games if it comes to graphic books and video game adaptations. The studio, which brought the entire world The Walking Dead and The Wolf One of Us, took a trip to the well-known superhero comic book using its own adaptation of this Batman narrative.

Even though Telltale Games may have dipped its toe into the graphic novel adaptation oceans, there are still many more out there, simply waiting to be accommodated. When speaking especially about a narrative version that does not center around superheroes, the very best part is there are stories to be shown off. While superhero tales are well-known in the comic world, others could do very well if introduced into the gambling public.

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The very first graphic novel with this list simply begging for a video game version will be Saga. The narrative may feel a bit reminiscent of Star Wars, even though it’s a little grittier. Even though there’s really an interplanetary war in the middle of the book, there is also an extremely touching love. To this end, this one may be better if it had been done up likewise to Volume Impact. Among the greatest facets of Saga is that while the personalities are definitely memorable, the villains have loads of personality. They are arguably much more three-dimensional than sci-fi lovers have observed in baddies such as Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader.


Revival is a fascinating picture book since while it does not center on superheroes, it certainly has individuals with some critical abilities. Place in a Wisconsin city where dozens of individuals returned from the dead, this is not a book that could easily be placed into one group or another. There is a small bit of dread, a bit of puzzle and small science fiction combined for good measure.

Regarding a video game adaptation of the book, think about something such as The Walking Dead, but minus the zombies. There is a tiny State of Decay blended in there also. There are critters, or demons, or ghosts as a piece of this narrative too. This narrative’s puzzle element, particularly, could be entertaining for players to attempt to unravel on their preferred console.


The last graphic novel with this listing virtually already has a video game adaptation in some specific ways. Like Mutant Year Zero, Elephantmen includes walking, speaking warrior creatures. Unlike this video game, the picture book features critters made in a laboratory to fight a war instead of mutated at a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The publication’s story really centers equally on the wars that these animals fought and what occurred when the war finished, and they strove to find a way to meld into the civilized culture.

There are a few different ways a match predicated on Elephantmen may be prosperous. It seems as though this might be a real-time strategy game, or it may be an adventure sport very much from the same vein of The Wolf One of Us. It really seems like the ideal job for the newly resurrected Telltale Games studio.


Non-Superhero Graphic Novels That Deserve Video Game Adaptations
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