PUBG Leak Suggests Season 11 Release Date

PUBG Leak Suggests Season 11 Release Date

PUBG Leak Suggests Season 11 Release Date

PUBG Leak Suggests Season 11 Release Date

Those waiting to get a launch for PUBG’s forthcoming Survival Season 11 have obtained a little great news courtesy of an internet leak.

The announcement, interpreted in Chinese, refers to PUBG Season 11’s forthcoming story content and gives a teaser about Survive’s yield till Dawn about the name’s mobile interface. The most exciting thing for devoted players is included at the end of the announcement. Nevertheless, rounding out the flow with the affirmation that gamers will see that the new chapter is coming from April.

If the flow is right, this implies players can get their hands on PUBG Season 11 on PC in only over 2 weeks at minimum. Season 10 of PUBG centered on the near urban battle, a death from PUBG’s first mil-sim styled extended range engagements. There have not been any particulars provided on Season 11’s subject. However, they mention it will come with narrative content that could open the way for a few more amusing content- that the newly teased horror name The Callisto Protocol was verified to be a part of this PUBG canon.

Therefore, players may begin to find some tie-ins into the upcoming survival horror with some frightening content of its own. This could follow vein with PUBG Mobile’s frequently more far-flung content upgrades, such as the January update that included a style with Runic magic to PUBG Mobile.

The leaked announcement reads as though it is being created as part of a statement for the two matches – and while there is no mention of this console edition of PUBG, it may be presumed that the material for PC will continue to console interfaces too.

While Season 10 has not stopped yet, players are hungry for another wave’s new batch of articles to keep players participated – the leaked affirmation that gamers will not be waiting for it following the conclusion of the year is a welcome confirmation to PUBG players the four-year-old name is not out of steam yet. Meanwhile, players may get prepared for the approaching anniversary occasion.


PUBG Leak Suggests Season 11 Release Date
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