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Trump Looks To Reset Campaign Amid Pandemic With Tulsa Rally

By Bernice Saucedo / June 28, 2020

It is over three months because the country observed a Trump rally. The unemployment rate stood at roughly 3.5percent that March 2. Our nation is more powerful than previously. Now, The unemployment rate stands at 13.3%, according to the latest monthly report. The amount of verified coronavirus cases has jumped to approximately 2.2 million. The […]


Corbyn Loyalists Dispute Findings Of Labour Election Postmortem

By Arthur Ashby / June 28, 2020

Labour MPs Faithful to Jeremy Corbyn Have pushed to the party’s election defeat that blamed tactics and dysfunction and the effect of voices like Keir Starmer. In a collectively composed riposte Into the report, two of Corbyn’s most faithful allies, ex-party seat Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett, previously a shadow minister, blamed the erosion of […]


Duchess Meghan Hasn’t Ruled Out A Career In Politics

By Arthur Ashby / June 24, 2020

Meghan feels as though her assignment goes much beyond acting. She wants to use her voice for change also has not ruled out a career in politics. Meanwhile, The Duchess of Sussex formerly confessed she believed it would be wrong to not talk out in the aftermath of George Floyd’s departure. Referencing The deaths of […]


Iran Economy In Desperate Need Of Solutions

By Susan Yeager / June 20, 2020

Facing sanctions from the USA and declining oil costs, the authorities should find ways to finance its spending. The answers may prove unpopular, both with also the elites and the people. These resources have prompted many Iranians to think their nation is prosperous, and its abundance won’t ever end. Few point out that Iran’s abundant […]