Reviving The Economy Should Start With The US Power Grid

However, there is a way to induce new investment while positioning the nation for international competitiveness and a significant climate answer: an updated and enlarged electricity transmission grid.

Even though China and European nations invest in grid infrastructure, we now rely upon a grid that fails to deploy available grid technologies.

Construction A brand new transmission infrastructure could create a more powerful, better networked, and a much more efficient market.

Substantially as the building of the interstate highway system provided the backbone for more than five years of U.S. economic expansion by better linking companies, customers, and distribution chains.

It is time for Congress, governors, and other appointed and elected leaders to adopt the need for a Macro Grid That provides pollution-free electricity customers and companies.

By way of instance, the Midwest grid operator discovered a portfolio of almost completed transmission lines would send around $52.6 billion in net gains over the next 20 to 40 decades.

Those economies are possible because solar energy and wind are Cost-competitive with gas and much less costly than coal in most of the nation.

By unlocking our energy sources an Innovative Macro Grid, we could come out of the catastrophe well-positioned to get a More vibrant, comfortable, and secure future.

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