The Economy Is Only As Strong As Our Small Business Community

At pre-pandemic rates, Companies employed 58.9 million American workers. Since the pandemic started, little business employment has dropped by 11 percent.

Nevertheless, These amounts don’t paint the complete picture of what we are currently facing.

About how they are struggling, I have learned, and every story is as a heart.

Even though Many have received help through the federal Paycheck Protection Program, most do not feel that PPP alone will be enough to sustain their company in the long run.

Anastasia has owned and operated a travel management company in California.

Before the outbreak, her firm did millions in revenue, but everything is at a standstill.

But her savings and PPP nevertheless leave the company short of what it requires.

Our economy, as the pandemic, has instructed us that Frankly cannot withstand a small business community.

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Jenny Garber

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